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What Do I Need to Do ?


At Daniel Woods Funeral Care, we understand that arranging a funeral can be challenging during a time of loss.  Here are some items to consider:

Make contact with your funeral director.  Please call us any hour on (02) 69 218 218 (available 24/7).

We will liaise with the necessary professionals at the hospital, or the aged care facility or coroner's dept. to arrange to take your loved one into our care.  We will look after obtaining the necessary paperwork required from the doctor, coroner etc.

The most important thing is to take your time with decisions, no-one should be pressuring you.


Did the deceased have any preferences for the funeral?  Have they left any plans?  Please discuss these with us and we’ll assist in looking after their wishes.

Some Key Decisions to Make

Bring together family members and discuss what your loved one may have wanted. Some questions to answer may be:

  • Was it the deceased wishes to be buried or cremated  ?
  • Will it be a religious service requring a minister/clergy or a non-denomination with a celebrant ?
  • When and where will it be held ?
  • Is a newspaper notice required ?
  • What flowers would be appropriate on the day ?
  • Will we have a wake ?
  • How much will the funeral cost, what are my payment options?
  • After the funeral day .......... monumental requirements ie headstone, plaque, maybe inter the ashes in a niche in a wall at a cemetery or maybe scattering the ashes

Plan a funeral in wagga

Talk to our staff

We can help you make arrangements, such as organising the embalming (if needed), and liaising with the cemetery or crematorium.

Coffin or casket options

  • the type of coffin or casket (shape, material, etc.)
  • who will carry it (pallbearers)
  • .

Personalising the ceremony

In a time of loss, it is common to celebrate the passing with warm and personal touches. Common considerations include:

  • choosing a celebrant or ceremony leader
  • music decisions and any relevant readings
  • flower choices
  • considering donations to a charity
  • choosing a person to deliver the eulogy
  • organising a wake (if desired)

Informing guests

Once the service date and time has been confirmed with our staff, we can assist you in inform anyone whom you think would like to attend. To avoid missing any key guests, you may want to contact close friends and family directly.

Additional options, include sending flowers, and placing a notice (obituary) in the newspaper which can also help to inform others of the funeral.

If you feel overwhelmed with the task, enlist the help of our staff and other family members (if available). With your consent, we’d be happy to assist with many aspects of the funeral.


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